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"Evans Weaver loves his family, animals, architecture and gardens.” Evans Weaver - Mediterrani Iron - Contact Page

 I Love My Daughter Stacy

                      "I Love My Daughter"


ABOUT Evans Weaver

Evans Weaver and his donkeys

Evans Weaver began designing and building at a very young age while aspiring to pursue design and construction as a life career.  Evans attended the University of Houston College of Architecture and graduated in December of 1976.  Prior to graduating from college and for the last 35 years Evans Weaver has personally designed, master planned and constructed hundreds of award worthy projects from 150 to 500 lot subdivisions, residential villages, small shopping centers, landscapes, hardscapes, water features and absolutely astounding outside living and dining areas in California and Texas.


Evans' grandchildren

Evans Weaver and his grandchildren

Grandad loves little Henry!

Grandad loves little Henry!

Evans Weavers Donkeys

"Long-time Loyal Bookkeeper"

Mediterrania Iron - long time "keeper of the books"


Evans Weaver is an artist in many ways…sketching with pencil and then constructing his vision with the assistance

of artisans who have worked with Evans for over 20 years.  The result has always been beautiful finished “works of art.”


Evans Weaver’s designs are absolutely beautiful – some photos of which are displayed herein.

Mediterrania Iron - long time "keeper of the books"






10 years ago Evans Weaver began designing and building decorative iron doors, fences, gates, balconies, railings and kitchen accents, again all designs and products worthy of awards.  Evans Weaver formed a decorative iron company, Mediterrania Iron.


Rooster Awake

Evans Weaver - Rooster

Rooster Asleep

Evans Weaver - Rooster

Evans Weaver welcoming his new rooster

Evans Weaver


Mediterrania Iron and Evans Weaver have designed, constructed and installed hundreds of decorative iron products in the last ten years, also displayed herein.


Mediterrania Iron has recently opened a new factory in West Austin which is now custom designing, constructing and installing beautiful products all over Austin and the Hill Country.

Evans Weaver

Evans Weaver and Mediterrania Iron are planning to market ranch and residence gates and other decorative iron products all over the United States, having already designed and constructed balconies that were shipped to New Orleans and Beverly Hills.Evans Weaver loves his chickens


Evans Weaver has also formed Weaver Creative, which is growing rapidly into a very respected and recognized design and install Landscape Company in Travis County, Texas.


Evans Weaver, Weaver Creative and Mediterrania Inc. are aspiring to provide award worthy products to their clients, swiftly and economically.Grandpa Evans Weaver - Grandchildren

Lulu - Evans Weaver


Evans Weaver

Bob and Jelly RollEvans WeaverEvans Weaver - Evans Weaver

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